Street + 365/Style

One summer week with me. This is my outfits for day to day.

Love. Marta

All black with Gold accesories for Monday. / Top: Zara ; Earings: Zara ; Glasses: Carrera ; Clock: Fossil


All white with slightly tanned skin for Tuesday. / Top and Pants: Zara ; Shoes and Bag: Mango


Slip dress with sneakers for Wednesday. / Dress: Zara ; Sneakers: Nike ; Sunglasses: Vintage


New pants is always a good idea for survive Thursdays. / Top: Versace (Vintage) ; Pants: Designed by me ; Shoes: Adidas


Fridays are for parties, concerts or late long nights, and I prefer sneakers for this. / Jacket: Zara ; Pants: Designed by me ; Sneakers: Nike ; Belt: Mango



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